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Find your Happy!

By samb, Sep 19 2018 11:59AM

Wowzers! One morning, last week, I awoke to the smell of a beautiful fire! After walking Daisy to the bus stop, Marley and I walked home, through the woods. With the smell of smoke in the air and the glorious Autumn sun shining down, the rays were highlighted by the smoke. This really bought home to me how, with a little enphasis on what we wish to see, our lives can be so much brighter. What was there, was still the same, the sun shone all day, but was never so clearly visable as it was through the smoke.

when ever I become fearful or worried about the events life throws at us, I have to remind my self to 'stop taking it all too seriously'. The sun will rise and set, the moon will follow and this is all we really know for sure.

Whilst lying in bed I was taken to a time when, aged 19, I recieved some devistating news. I was at uni, in my bedroom and totally alone......really........totally alone. I imagined holding the younger me, loving me, holding me safe. Then I thought of the best advice I could share....I wispered......."it will all be ok". Then, weirdly I felt something which really blow my mind, behind me (the adult me now) I felt my nanny and grandad. My nan died when I was 3 and my grandad,before I was born, yet there they were, these golden light beings, holding both me's! This very clearly showed me that they were both there then, just when I needed them, and indeed, still here now. This realisation bought me great comfort. We are never truly alone, not ever, whether we fell it or not.

Wise words to the yonger me.......Just do it! if you want to, just do it. Dont overthink it, debate it, weigh it all up, think of 'for's and against's'.( Apparenlty we only regret the things we dont do). If it makes you feel good and is motivated from a place of love (of yourself and others) then do it!

I've taken many a 'leap of faith' over the past 3 years, and I can honestly say, my life is amazing! It's fantastic becasue I refused to let the rules and opinions of 'general society' make me feel guilty. I care not for others negativity, its just not for me. I pay no attention to the media and it's fear mongering Noone has walked my path, expereinced all I have experienced, felt what I've felt, so there truly is noone who can pass judgement. I've found my happy! And I did it all by myself! Every piece of who I am today has been created by these experiences, and for that I am truly greatful. Embrace the contrast, because it shows us, very clearly what we do and dont want. This is your life, for you and you alone. Find your happy, live it, cherish it, moment by moment and express gratitiude, for we do live in such a beautiful age. Beautiful because you are here! Big Love Sam xxx

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